Friday, August 13, 2010

Thrift store prints and summer dresses

Its about time for an update and my dear Lady K has made that known :)

Summer is coming to an end and so is my ample amount of free time. I go back for a new semester and and new year at the elementary school I work at on monday.

The past few weeks I've found some adorable decor at thrift stores and changed my wall up at bit. Here is the progress thus far:

I'm excited for fall but I'm already starting to miss all my summer dresses. It was pretty hot today so I wore a lovely lightweight thrift store dress a friend recently gave to me:


  1. OOOOO!!!! Love it, your desk looks so nice and tidy...mine is a disaster! (as is my entire house though, right? So this shouldn't be a surprise!)

    Btw, did you ever notice the oval framed, embroidered rose picture hanging in my bathroom? Because I'm pretty sure you have the same one but in a different color. What are the odds?!?!!?!?

    yeah, your bow dress is pretty amazing! Yes please fall! but yes, sad day for the summer dresses, although honestly, can't we just stick tights under them and cardigans over them and still wear them anyway????

    I say yes!

  2. Really?! I will have to take a look next time I'm in your bathroom. I've been trying to keep a tidy desk even though the rest of my room is a complete disaster. I always tell myself that I will clean and organize my room before each semester starts but it rarely happens.

    Its true we do wear the same dresses with tights and cardigans in the winter, but its so nice to just throw on a nice summer dress and not have to worry about accessorizing or if you'll be warm enough, ya know?!

    although, I am getting very exited about winter fashion and thinking about how i NEED new tights and boots :)