Thursday, July 29, 2010


I made my first Etsy sale today! Which is exciting for me because I just started selling last week.

I sold this little Gem to a lovely lady for her birthday party next month.

I added more things today!

I'm having fun with it so far, its keeping me busy which I like.

Feel free to take a look around my shop!


  1. Is that CROSSED TENNIS RACKETS!!!! Egad, I wish, I wish!

    please check and post this thingy more often, you've taken away FB from us, at least let us have THIS!!! So I can show you THESE!!!!

    <3 you lady! Even if you do laugh so hard you make yourself throw up in public places. Just like my son.

  2. Your comment literally made me laugh out loud!
    Oh and I LOVE jazz fighting so much! We need to plan a home movies night ASAP! ooooo and plan yummy food to eat while watching of course.